Daniel: Cuarto Rollo

March 5, 2010
This is the fourth roll I’ve taken in the past 3 weeks or so, and the last of the film that I brought. I’d like to keep shooting ISO 200, but I’m yet to see anything below 400.

Anywho, the top 2 photos are from VAMOS. One of which depicts Maggie Bowman, a girl in our program, as a human jungle gym after classes had finished.

The two below that are from a bar some friends and I went to this past Saturday. The top is an awesome band that played for about an hour and the one below is my friend Ximena. Karaoke and and great music, it was a fun night.

Below that are two from the house/Latin American art museum of Carol Hopkins. We had dinner there last Friday with a group from Canada who were visiting various parts of Mexico. We had an excellent conversation concerning the current state of education in various parts of the world over dinner, and discussed the job that ‘orphanages’ are doing in Mexico. It was a great mix of people with a plethora of interesting ideas.

The last four are from the pueblo where the VAMOS program is located. I shot about a quarter roll while walking to the bus last Thursday and those are the majority of the results.

Haven’t really written or posted much recently, I’ve been pretty busy with school this week. 2 oral exams and a final tomorrow will definitely take it out of you. Not much is new either though. I’m on spring break next week and plan to go to Acapulco on Monday through Wednesday where I’ll be able to stay at a friend’s apartment. Then the following Thursday I’m headed to Tepoztlan with Rashelle to climb a rather giant hill/small mountainous thing and see the pyramid. Friday I’m headed to Mexico City with some friends to stay in a hostel for the weekend and will return on Sunday. I’m sure I’ll be taking a gratuitous amount pictures along the way so I should have some stuff worth posting middle next week.






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