Emma: busy week out & about

March 7, 2010

What a week it has been. I spontaneously booked a flight to New Zealand for March 18. One of my friends from MN is studying in Auckland so I am going to go visit him for 5 days. I am so excited and it really should be an adventure.

On Friday we walked to the Fish Market for lunch. There is basically a ton of seafood for sale, literally anything you could imagine. They will prepare any seafood for you, so one of my friends and I split this platter with a ton of different fish, shellfish, octopus, crab, and so much more. It was so delicious and the whole time we really had no idea what we were eating…

Saturday morning my friends and I woke up early to head to the farmers market. We got there, saw how overpriced everything was, and then decided to go to Paddy’s again because it is so much cheaper there. We also decided that we are going to try a new breakfast café every Saturday on our way to the markets. It’s pretty standard to be able to get an egg sandwich or toast and coffee or tea for $5.

That afternoon we ventured out to Bondi Beach and after taking a bus, 2 trains, and another bus we made it. There was a huge group of us and it was fun just to lay out, jump the waves, and soak up the sun. I am not kidding when I say I literally could do that every single day of my life! I was definitely born to live on the beach. There is actually a TV show similar to Baywatch only real life that is filmed on Bondi and also the surrounding beaches. We didn’t see any exciting rescues, but it’s still crazy to see the amount of lifeguards out on watch.

Saturday night we had our first college experience… We had met some guys in St. Johns College earlier in the week and they invited us over to hang out. When I we walked through the college all I could say was “True Life I live at Hogwarts.” Their courtyard is legit—straight out of a Harry Potter Movie. One of the guy’s rooms had all built in wooden shelves and rounded windows on one whole wall. The whole inside of the building was just so old and beautiful I could not believe my eyes.

View of Sydney from Darling Harbor

Today we ventured out to Darling Harbor, making a pit stop through China Town, and went to the Maritime Museum. It was interesting to learn about all the Nautical History of Australia. Darling Harbor is such a cool upbeat area with tons of modern restaurants and bars. There are also fountains everywhere and tons of people were just jumping in them and swimming. Nothing you would see at home, haha.

My new favorite thing of the week is Picnic candy bars. I have also been drinking a lot of chi tea, and I drink tea every morning and every night. Yummm…

Something else random here is that your allowed to take shopping carts from the stores and push them around the city. This means there are literally shopping carts left everywhere, but it is completely normal. HA!


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