Heather: made the news & last day of classes

March 10, 2010

I have made it onto the Kenyan news! My number one goal in life in complete. If you check out YouTube, you may just spot yours truly! Look closely, there’s a group of whities in the middle section. I am wearing a blue, long sleeved shirt.

We talked about the forum yesterday and class and our professor was telling us that it wasn’t really helpful and didn’t really say a whole lot in the discussion. And, I didn’t notice this, but apparently the Prime Minister was falling asleep in his chair, ha! Guess he was having a great time!

Yesterday was essentially the last day of classes, we just reviewed today and our Swahili exam is the only thing really tomorrow. Yesterday we had a Musicology class and we got to learn some African dancing. I was rockin’ it, no big deal. I’ll teach you all when I get home.

Today we had Swahili and we got out at 10 so a few of us wanted to go downtown because we were sick of Java. So we went to a nicer coffee place, Savannah, for a couple hours. I worked on Swahili homework and re-booked my flight for Egypt because that got all screwed up. The company wanted us to wire them money because they “don’t accept credit cards.” After Savannah we went to Central Park downtown and laid outside in the grass for awhile. Some dude and his wife came up and talked to us for 10 minutes about having confidence and hope and all this religious stuff. Then they prayed for us before they left. We must have looked like we needed praying for.

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