Emma: Taking it all in

March 14, 2010

I have now successfully completed my second week of classes and find myself wondering  where the time has gone. There is no possible way I have already been in Sydney for a month!?

I don’t have class on Mondays, so some friends and I trekked to Coogee Beach for a nice relaxing afternoon. We found some rocks to climb on and an amazing wading pool type thing and had fun jumping in the water, getting pounded by waves, and soaking up the sun. I could not think of a better way to spend my Mondays.

On Tuesday, I started my internship at the Brain and Mind Research Institute. I am working on a project involving youth mental health and sleep patterns. The internship should be relatively interesting once it gets rolling and the people I work with are a ton of fun. As of now, I am only working there 2 days a week so I am still able to have my 4-day weekend.

Every Tuesday a bunch of people head to a bar called Scruffy Murphy’s, so this week we decided to try it out. It’s an Irish Pub but reminded us so much of the bars back at home. On one floor there was a live band, and in the basement was a regular DJ (not like the DJ’s back home—all they play is techno dance music here.

This week we successfully planned our Easter Break trip. We will be flying into Surfer’s Paradise staying there a few days, taking a bus to Byron Bay, visiting Nimbin, and then ending up at our friend Simon’s holiday house.

I am sure you can tell by now I have been spending heaps of time at the beaches, but when you live so far from the ocean at home, I feel the need to take it all in. This weekend was filled with an extremely long walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee beach, visiting all of the beaches in between. There is path right along the ocean that takes you to all these places with different landmarks along the way. SO BEAUTIFUL. Everywhere I go I am still amazed at the fact I am living in such a gorgeous part of the world. We also went to a Surf Competition at Bondi Beach. It was so amazing to see something like this in real life.

My friends and I also kept with tradition this weekend and did our weekly run to the market for fresh food. We are also trying a new breakfast café each Saturday because there are so many cute little ones everywhere you look. We have also enjoyed finding parks to go and have picnics in. While we were walking to a new park last week, we ran into a store called British Sweets and Treats. When we went inside, they had heaps of candy from the UK and also the US. The only problem: a bag of reeses cost $55.00. You did read that correctly, $55.00 What a joke! And Hershey Kisses were not much better at $65.00 a bag.

I am flying out for New Zealand on Thursday and cannot even wait! Look for a blog coming about my New Zealand Adventures.


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