Heather: A FAN!!!

March 23, 2010

Pretty successful weekend, I might say. I found out I had to work on Saturday morning from 9-11. We did a couple treatments on some oryxs. We trap them in a boma and then we have a chute that we use (sort of like for cattle) to bring them down the line one by one and then we can do the treatments that way. The ones we were working on were treated for some cuts from fighting each other, nothing too big. I got out of there about 11:30 and headed for THE BEACH!

We ended up going to Mombasa beach. It was a little bit of a walk, but not too bad. The water was gorgeous and really warm. We had to wait a bit for the tide to come in so we could actually swim. We were there for a couple hours and then decided it was too much sun. I got home and attempted to hold a swahili conversation with my sisters; it sort of worked. They understood what I was saying at least. Just hung out for the rest of the night. Sunday, I went to the beach again. We got there and there was hardly anyone there. It was really nice! Liana came to join us too. It was fun until some creepy dude flashed Liana and Rebecca. Glad I didn’t see that. I talked to Gladys and she told me she found another family for me to live with, so I was happy about that.

I got home and found out that Gladys had already told my family that I was leaving. So it was a little awkward, but I made it out just fine. My new home is in Bombolulu (great name if you ask me), but it’s a little too far to walk to work so I have to take a matatu every day. But at least I’ll still get my exercise at work. My new family is a mom and dad, and 2 kids. However, the dad works out of country and my siblings are at boarding school. So currently it’s just Mama Beatrice and I. But it’s fine, she’s pretty legit. She’s a cook so maybe I’ll get some good meals! She told me sometimes she’s too tired to make dinner so she just goes out and gets some food. Which is what we did tonight. Not bad!

We have a 2 bedroom home, but with a REAL kitchen. There is a sink! I haven’t seen one of those in awhile! And we have doors, thank God. There is running water, but the pressure was too low tonight, so I took a bucket bath. Don’t even mind that anymore. It saves a lot of water. We still have a squatty potty, but again, it’s ok. I currently have my own room, but I think when my siblings get back I’ll have to share. But, I HAVE A FAN!!! I have never been so happy to see a fan in my entire life. It’s a nice place, and I’m glad I switched. I think Mama Beatrice is going to be good to me. Oh yes, and there’s some pretty sweet old school Backstreet Boys playing outside. I could get used to this.


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