Heather: Weekend update

March 29, 2010

My eye is completely healed! No more swelling or nasty looking eyes. I think I told you, but I didn’t go to work on Thursday. Definitely not worth it. I went on Friday, but I had to wear my glasses, which was a really big pain because the heat and sweat made them very uncomfortable. But my supervisor let me work mostly indoors on Friday on account of the sun probably wouldn’t be very good. So I just worked on some snake information that we’re going to post for the visitors.

Yesterday Mia, Rebecca, and I just went downtown for a bit. We sat down by the water by Fort Jesus for awhile and then we grabbed some lunch. Pretty chill day. I bought 3 pairs of kangas too. I just had to make sure they said the right things before I bought them. Kangas are bright, colorful sheets of fabric that everyone wears around here because they’re so lightweight and easy to wear. They have swahili sayings on them, which are fun to figure out. I got ones that said, “When big trees fall, the birds have nowhere to stay,” (bought this one mostly for the design), “I will be with you forever,” and another one that said something along the lines of “tell your enemies the truth, and you shall be rewarded.” Not exactly sure on that one, my host mom didn’t really know.

Helped make chapati for dinner tonight. I don’t think they understand that I like to cook too, because she kept telling me how to knead the dough and how to roll it out, and when I could actually do it, she was like “oh, you do know how.” No, I was just lying to you the whole time. The thing is, though, I’d rather not help them make the dinners. Not because I don’t want to, but because I see how unsanitary it really is. They don’t wash anything, leave stuff laying out on the open counter. There’s these little bugs running around everywhere and they were getting into the chapati dough and I was getting really grossed out. I’d rather not know that I’m eating bugs. Oh well though. Protein I guess.


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