Daniel: Teotihuacan

April 1, 2010

Climbing the Pyramid of the Sun

Here’s a very brief summary in film photos of the 14 hour trip we took to Teotihuacan two Sundays ago. We first went to an archeological site in Mexico City called Cuicuilco which was the predecessor to Teotihuacan as it was overtaken by a large volcanic eruption that engulfed the entire city/ civilization that had been established there. It did not actually effect any of the surrounding colonized areas as had originally been expected when the volcano erupted because the lava flowed right passed the civilization to the west. Though when it had traveled north to a certain point and in a different section of the valley, it began to pool, came back southward, and burned everything at the site to the ground with the exception of the Cuilcuilco Pyramid. The surviving people of this civilization would then migrate further northwest to the valley where Teotihuacan is located and start what was estimated to be one of, it not the largest, standing civilization around 450 AD.

As for the photos…
On the top is some big guy gearing up to tackle the pyramid of the sun.

The two below that are vendors which there was absolutely no shortage of at this particular site. I’ve recently unearthed a new found respect for these people the more I’ve actually talked to them about what they do, rather than just being told how cheap the things they have are and how amazing the quality of their obsidian stones are. No me interesa senor.

The two at the bottom I took from the top of the pyramid of the sun. The first is the view facing southwest, the second is of a friend from Kentucky named Will, and the last is the back of a friends head with the pyramid of the moon in the background.


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