Daniel: Puebla, y Otro Viaje a D.F. (Digital)

April 7, 2010
Here are some more photos from my trip to Puebla and Mexico City a weeks back. We visited a number of places in Puebla specifically, including a very old ceramics museum/factory/shop, a convent, a museum of anthropology, a delicious taco restaurant, an insane church, and the zocalo. It was yet another very long, very interesting day with a carpet bombing of knowledge from the mouth of Charlie Goff in each location.

The first photo is the interior of the house of Frida Kahlo. Not the well known ‘Blue House’ which is also located in Mexico City, but the house connected to that of Diego Rivera via awesome bridge. Above that is just an interesting color contrast I noticed on the roof.

Following, are two from the Saturday Bazaar in the DF. The bottom of the two is a very small lizard I noticed climbing through the merchandise of a vendor, and the other is some friends from Kentucky and I before we left.

The peacock and the dogs are from the courtyard of the estate of a woman whose name I still cannot remember. The dogs are in fact real, contrary to what I thought and you might think.

The bottom three are from the hand painted ceramics place in Puebla where we got a short tour.


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