Heather: internship lessons

April 10, 2010

This week for work was pretty boring. However, I found out how Kenyans like to deal with aggressive animals. Straight up kill them. I was so mad when I found this out. One of our oryxs decided he wanted to be aggressive toward the dominant male of the group so he could get all the ladies. Well apparently my coworkers don’t like that. So they decided the best way to deal with the situation would be to kill him. And lucky me got to watch. There are other options available you know. Like, I don’t know, maybe move him to another area of the park where he can’t get to the big male. Seems so simple to me. Ugh. But then later when they were cutting him up to feed to the crocodiles (sorry for the graphics), they asked me if I wanted some of the meat! Really?? But then I figured, why not, I’ll try it. But then they didn’t want to give it to me because it wasn’t doctor approved and they didn’t think my stomach could handle it. How thoughtful.

Yesterday I got to play with day old crocodiles, that was kind of fun. One bit me. But don’t worry, his teeth were like sandpaper, nothing dangerous! They were kinda cute in their own weird way. And then they grow up and be not cute anymore.

Today I walked around the park locating all of our tortoises. We think we have 12, but we only found 9 of them. There’s gotta be 3 more out there somewhere. One of them that we have, Mzee, is 270 years old!! He doesn’t do much except sit there.

Tomorrow Liana and I are going to go to Wasini Island and go snorkeling! And hopefully swim with the dolphins too. We thought there would be more people going, but I guess not. Oh well, their loss! And Sunday 4 of us are going deep sea fishing! Yes, be jealous. I will let you know how those things go soon!


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