Daniel: Tepoztlán, Subiendo

April 12, 2010
These come from a roll of film (ISO 100) I shot the past two Sundays when I went to Tepoztlán. The first time, I went with a friend named Erandi and her mother simply to look around and get something to eat. However, this past Sunday, Rashelle, Erandi, another friend named Alejandro (who we met the same day and who works at coffee shop we frequently go to), and I headed out with the goal of climbing to the famed pyramid atop a small mountain/bluff thing. Upon reaching the top, we just sat for about an hour admiring the view and more or less dozing off. A few of the pictures below depict this well, especially in the case of Alejandro who slept pretty much from when we got there to when we left.

From bottom to top:

  • Some guavas at the market the first time I went.
  • A child in a wheel barrel just relaxing with a cold soda.
  • A man vending ice cream out of a cooler.
  • Some woven bags neatly arranged in a way that I found particularly aesthetically pleasing.
  • The start of my shots from this past Sunday, a man playing a nylon guitar outside a restaurant we ate at after we had descended.
  • Alejandro after reaching the top of the pyramid.
  • My view above from where I sat for about an hour. Also, photographic revenge for being periodically rained on by orange peels.
  • The last section we had to climb just before reaching the top.

I’m headed out on a hike in a national park this coming Sunday, so I should have some photos to post from that. Otherwise, I’ll probably just do some shooting around town and such in the meantime. Enjoy.

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