Daniel: Más Tepoztlán, El Centro, y El Mercado

April 17, 2010

Here are some photos from the ninth roll of film I’ve taken (ISO 100). This roll ended up being pretty diverse in terms of locations and shots, though most come from El Centro this past Sunday where I just wanted to finish the roll to get it developed since I was there doing homework anyway.

The top photo is actually from a market near El Centro where we went last week for a portion of a class. I should have taken more there as everything was incredibly interesting, but the lighting on the section inside was a bit dim, and I was nearly the victim of a broom-swatting when a woman thought I was taking a photo of her and just asked me “Por que?!” (Why?!) as she tried smacking me with one of her homemade cleaning utensils. I replied with a very simple “No se, estaba tratando incluir todo” (I don’t know, I was trying to include everything) and gave her a cold, long stare.

The next four are from this past Sunday in El Centro as I already explained. The first of which is a guy playing the snare and trumpet in the middle of the Zocalo. It took me about 5 minutes of waiting to get that shot without having someone obstruct my view. The next three are the result of me being a creep in the Zocalo. I wish I could’ve gotten a better shot of the older men on the bench, the man in black stood up just moments before I took this. I sat for at least 20 minutes right across from them trying to figure out the best way to get a shot of them without their knowing. Once I did, it was too late. The last of them is below a bridge near another cafe that I quite like where all the Mariachis gather to do whatever it is Mariachis do when their not performing. Chat I guess?

The following three on the bottom are a continuation of our trip to Tepoztlán a few weeks ago. On top is a picture from one of the main streets and in the top third of the photo, you can see the pyramid we climbed too. It’s quite small so I’d recommend enlarging it. Below that is a street dog, definitely putting together a series of there when I get back. Last is a crazy tree near the path on the decent back to civilization.

I just got back from a hike in a national forest on the Northern part of the town bordering the DF and am exhausted. Got up at 6:45 and got back to my house around 7:30. Excursions are always so rewarding and insightful, but just kick the motivation to do work right out of me. I shot 28 film photographs there today so I should have those up late this week hopefully. I have ceased to shoot digital, at least in the past 3 weeks or so.


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