Daniel: El Museo de Antropologia

April 21, 2010

This past Thursday, Carol, Charlie, Maggie, Rashelle, and I headed out to Mexico City to visit the National Museum of Anthropology. It was strange to finally be able to go on an excursion exclusively with those who have been 2/5’s of our class every Monday; it truly felt like we were some sort of family as weird as that may sound. We spent a fair amount of time in each section of the museum as Charlie blew our minds one artifact at a time. We took a break for lunch around 3 where Carol, Charlie, and I dined at the restaurant inside the museum. Amazing food but a little spendy. We continued our quest for knowledge after eating and left the museum around 6:30. It was a very long day with an almost painful amount of new knowledge.

We all relaxed on the way home as we sat in traffic listening to Carol try to configure the GPS on her Blackberry, which incidentally interrupted me as I was about to ask a question. I’ve never been interrupted by an electronic voice before and to have it happen so suddenly made me laugh until I cried. As we crossed the ridge separating Morelos and the D.F., Charlie told us a story I won’t soon forget like all of his stories, and we arrived back at the school around 8:30. Quite a day.

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