Trystan: Påskeuken (part 2)

April 27, 2010

Trondheim was an interesting city. As the third largest in Norway, I somehow expected it to be similar to Bergen. I’m slowly learning that Bergen is a pretty unique exception. To be honest, at first I didn’t care so much for Trondheim. It’s kinda flat, mountains barely noticeable off in the distance, similar size and feel to many medium sized cities. So, basically: Anytown, USA.

I rather took to it after a while, however. It’s quaint but modern, open and still together. I also got to see a bit of NTNU (the other school I was considering). I love Bergen, don’t get me wrong, but that campus is spectacular. UiB is like the Al Qaeda of universities—it’s hidden in and around the neighborhood, you’re just never quite sure where it actually is. I much prefer a proper campus, I think.

Chris took us to his hangout at Samfundet, a student organization sort of above and within the University. It was really cool, I just wish I could’ve seen it when it was busier.

We didn’t do as much in Trondheim. But it’s a great city to just walk around in, and explore. Plus, when you’re there with friends, it doesn’t matter much what you actually do. We did, however, see the Northern Lights! Granted my tripod-less point and shoot didn’t capture it the best, but you can see them still.


Wookie, Selena, and Kasia resting on a bench at the harbor


Neat lady feeding the pigeons and gulls


Rowers on the river


Harbor view

As always, more on Flickr!

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