Daniel: from Mexico to Minnesota

May 5, 2010
This will be the last post I dedicate to my semester in Cuernavaca. I’m back in Minnesota sitting in a room that I’m about 1/8th moved in to. My life has more or less returned to normal, though I can’t shake the feeling that a portion of my life has been chriogenically frozen only to thaw out upon my return to Mexico. I miss all my friends, my host family, the school, my mentality, my girl; absolutely every detail of my life there. I can’t complain though, returning to my friends and family here was both easy and a warm reminder of the life I left for a few months.

The trip was incredible in every way. Regardless of what you may have been hearing about the violence and drug trafficking in Mexico, tourists and travelers incur the same problems as locals and nothing more. Don’t let the news and/or media stop your travel plans or desires to visit Mexico. You will be safe if you make rational decisions and steer clear of questionable situations.

As for the photos, from the top down:

  • The first three are from the plane ride home just after taking off from Mexico City
  • The next three are from an indigenous ritual performed before the Sergio Mendez Human Rights award ceremony
  • Walking to the bus in Lagunilla after our last day at VAMOS
  • My host family at a restaurant I visited almost daily a few nights before I left
  • Finally, an intersection next to that same restaurant that I passed often

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