Veronica: less than three weeks

May 9, 2010

As of today I only have 15 days left in France. 15 DAYS?! How is this possible? Not enough time. Where did the time go? This is insane. I want to stay here. I miss home a little bit, but man, it’s nothing compared to France and Europe. I would rather visit home for a bit and then come back here… I am very sad that I can’t stay here. But, my new plan is to teach English abroad. I want to see the world, and teaching English to fund it is perfect. My old plan is out the window. I want to be a tourist for the rest of my life. And France will be my home base. That is the life I want. It’s too bad that I have to take a break and go home and finish school… I just want to keep building on my tourism career. Ahhhhh. Oh well. Even though I have to leave now, I will be back and it will be great.

I am going to miss France so much. I don’t want to gooooo. I want to stay here forever. All the little things here that are normal, I keep noticing and loving them. Transitioning back to home culture is going to be hard… Everything here is normal. Home is no longer normal. The day I leave France is going to be one of the saddest days of my life. Ugghhhh. Want. To. Stay.

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