Emma: Coozies

May 10, 2010

Last week’s exciting events started on Tuesday when Betsy and I headed out to the Olympic Park is to watch friends play water polo. Before coming here I never really watched water polo, but it has really grown on me!

When we arrived at Olympic Park, thoughts of all the people from all over the world that walked on the grounds started racing through my head. We saw that outside of the ANZ Stadium where the opening ceremonies and track and field were held and then we saw the inside of the Aquatic Center where the water polo game was taking place. Crazy to think that some of the best athletes in the world swam there! Unfortunately the boys lost their game, but it was still heaps of fun.

Wednesday night I went on a harbor cruise around Sydney and Darling Harbor with all of the Human Movement Majors (Kinesiology). It was circus themed and people got pretty into it. We went as circus animals, there were heaps of Mims, acrobats, clowns, ring masters, etc. So interesting to see everyone’s creative outfits. It was a lot of fun and nice to see some friends outside of class.

On Thursday we got lunch at Hoochie Mama’s with our water polo friends. Hoochie Mama’s is the café at the place I live and it is SO yummy. I eat there numerous times a week and we tell the owner frequently that he needs to open one in America. My goal by the time I leave is to try everything on the menu, and I am well on my way. That night Betsy and I took the train out to Olympic Park to watch some more water polo. They lost again but, but something very exciting did happen that night! I DROVE A CAR! On the other side of the road! It was awesome. First time driving in 3 months, so I was pretty bad at first, and it was hard to adjust to being on the other side of the car but I eventually got used to it after turning on the windshield wipers a few times instead of the blinkers, and scaring the people in the back seat a little too!

Friday Michelle, Betsy, and I ventured to leichhardt, which is just a suburb of Sydney and a short bus ride away. It has a large Italian population, which means absolutely amazing gelato. I got tiramisu, and I literally never wanted it to end. It had huge pieces of cake in it and the gelato was so creamy it was pretty much heaven in my mouth.

Saturday afternoon we went over to the uni cricket oval and hung out with the water polo team (I swear I am not obsessed. Their season is over now so they have heaps more time to hang out.) It was fun meeting everyone’s families, the coach and other players. That night we had the most delicious pizza ever for dinner and went out in Newtown once again and later to Darling Harbor. Successful weekend over all….gosh I never want this to end!

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