Kelsey: Been too long

May 16, 2010

Besides being busy with an awesome Golden Week (post on that later, I swear!) and getting a wake up call from my first Japanese exam grade, my computer has had a virus for the past couple of weeks!! I FINALLY got it figured out and now it’s back to normal, so there’s no excuse for not posting, right??

This week was mostly uneventful, but it went extremely fast! Each day led up to my second Japanese exam on Friday, and I think I did pretty okay on it.

Last night I went out with my friends to see a Beatles cover band in Roppongi. It was so fun!! The band played half-hour sets with about 20 minutes of break in between. There were request cards at each table, and all of the drinks were named after Beatles songs. I had a “Yellow Submarine,” my friends had “Strawberry Fields” and “Here Comes the Sun.” The only downside was that it was reeeeeeally expensive. Drinks were about $10 each, admission was $17, and there was a 10% service charge (service charges are kind of rare, and you never have to tip in Japan, in case you didn’t know).

I think I mentioned before my disdain for the Metro closing down around midnight. Why can’t there just be one train an hour all night? I don’t get it. We left the club at 11:30, what seemed like plenty of time to get back. After deciding on the way to go (or so I thought) we (or at least the other girls and me) booked it down to the platform, and got on one of the last, extremely crowded trains. Unfortunately, all of the guys in our group took their sweet time and ended up way behind us and got on a different car. Long story short: the guys all made it back to Heiwadai, no problem. We girls, however, made it only to Ikebukuro—about five stops short of Heiwadai. So we found ourselves in Ikebukuro at 1 a.m., with the choice of walking or finding a 24 hour karaoke bar, in uncomfortable shoes (because we’re girls), and really hungry (because we’re girls, haha). Also not helping were our friends who made it back, who were gloating because they made it and we didn’t, even though we followed their directions and didn’t even offer to help. Typical “gentlemen.”

After starting to walk the wrong way, Kate said that we should just take a taxi. I agreed immediately. I’ve been terrified that taxis in the city would be suuuuuper expensive, and they are, but we had some advantages:
1. There were three of us to split the cost.
2. We had already made it to Ikebukuro, so it wasn’t far away.
So we hailed a taxi and spared a long night of trying to find our way back. It only ended up being about $10 per person, which really isn’t that bad. But it definitely made for an expensive night!!

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