Meredith: Nombrarte

May 21, 2010

No el poema de tu ausencia,
sólo un dibujo, una grieta en un muro,
algo en el viento, un sabor amargo.

I remember reading this poem last semester (written by Alejandra Pizarnik, an Argentine poet); it really made an impression on me. It’s a bit more melancholy than what I am going for on this blog, a place to chronicle my travels, but I think the first line really hits home for me. This blog isn’t a poem of my “absence,” but rather where I’m present, what I’m doing. So in some way, when you read this, I’ll be a bit more presente than ausente, more than a drawing, something in the wind, or a bitter taste.

Right now I’m in Buenos Aires, Argentina, living in la recoleta, studying memory and human rights until June 13th. I’m on sensory overload here right now, but it’s been great so far.

Here is a link to my photo album, where I will post most of the pictures from this trip.


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