Tarin: Long day

May 22, 2010

I walked 13 or 14 kilometers today… Needless to say, I probably won’t be able to move tomorrow.

IMG_3083We left our apartment around 8:30 to meet up with people from class. The ACCENT center is near the Pantheon, so we went there first. It was amazing. So beautiful, and massive. It is amazing to me that Italians are still using these buildings that were built so long ago. The Pantheon is an actual Christian church that has services.



IMG_3303Once we met up with the group, we all walked to the forum to see some of ancient Rome’s best. It was an odd feeling to be walking around 2,000 year old ruins. The Colosseum was as awesome as I was expecting. It was just so HUGE. It’s awesome to see the bare boned structures, but what really gets me is thinking about what they USED to be like. The Colosseum was a huge stadium, with a retractable awning, bleacher seating, water fountains, tickets, the whole deal! And it was made in the 1st century AD! No crazy crane machines or bulldozers like we use today. Really, the entire Forum and surrounding area of ancient Rome was just awesome. Huge marble pillars and structures, gardens, the whole city layout. Really interesting. And it only cost 12 euro for a day pass to the Forum, Palatine, and Colosseum.


After visiting these historic sites, a group of us when to a pizzeria ristorante to get lunch. I ordered ravioli and an insalata verde. Very good! Dining out in Italy is definitely different than in America. There is much less of a rush. The food is made quickly, but the process of ordering and getting the check is much more relaxed. Most restaurants don’t mind if you only order one course, but a traditional meal starts with antipasto, and goes to the primi (first) course to the secondi, sometimes with dolce (desert) and formaggio (cheese) after. Way way way too much food for me! And you can’t take any leftovers home. Water comes in a large bottle and costs around $2, not free. It’s hard to pace the water drinking after a long day in the sun when servers aren’t coming by and refilling it every 5 minutes. You really only see your server when they take your order, bring it out, and you ask for your check. In a way it’s kind of nice. Eating is a time for socialization, and food is a huge topic of conversation.


Tomorrow’s plan: Go shopping (preferably where Italians shop, not tourists) and visit the Borghese park if time permits.


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