Jim: Arrival in Venezuela

May 24, 2010
I haven’t had much of a chance to post yet. This first week has been crazy: traveling, figuring out housing, figuring out schedules & transportation. I certainly haven’t settled into any kind of a routine yet, but I generally know where I’m at & where I should be next (usually in class). This post will be brief as I’m still working on getting pics online. I’ll probably be posting several times this coming week to get caught up on things, but in summary:
  • The trip here was uneventful (a good thing)
  • The housing situation was a little confusing at first. It’s still a little confusing, but at least that much has been accepted. Mostly.
  • Classes are long & difficult. Three hours of biology (Tropical Ecology of the Rainforest), followed by a three hour lunch—everything in town, even the trolley system, closes for 3 hours. Then six hours of Spanish.
  • Transportation and directions for getting around are simple. Whatever it is, it’s either uphill or downhill.
  • There is only one post office in town—and it is uphill from everything.
  • Internet connections, cell phones, & electricity all seem to work most of the time. Not great, but good enough. They go in and out with no apparent rhyme or reason, but it keeps things interesting.
I’ll try to fill in a few blanks later. It’s mid afternoon & it sounds like the town is waking up again so I’m going to get moving.

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