Meredith: Where I’m at

May 25, 2010

Today is a national holiday in Argentina. I woke up and walked the dogs with my host mom. It is so nice out, no rain, no humidity, perfect weather. Finally! I’m going to have lunch in a bit, and then explore the city and go to la avenida nueve de julio to see all the tents and festivities.

I’m starting to understand more and more. Ana, my host mom, said some really interesting things on the walk this morning. What surprised me most was this: (My paraphrasing and translation!) What you see in the avenida nueve de julio, you never see. You never see this sort of nationalism, this pride in Argentina. Even the other night when it was pouring, people were out singing, celebrating, enjoying. Usually, they’re in their houses, thinking of other things. Thinking of moving to the U.S., to get out of the country. What you see here is something rare.

Me and Sara, my roommate

I was really taken aback, just because what I have seen here so far has been the opposite of what she has said. There is so much pride in being Argentinian right now. I guess that’s the power of nationalism. It hides problems, for sure. I’m really excited to go out today, though, and celebrate. Tomorrow, classes start up again.


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