Tarin: Vatican Museum

May 26, 2010

I had my first day of class on Monday. We had lecture in the morning and then went to a few of the Vatican Museums in the afternoon. We learned about some important Classical sculptures and key people in the High Renaissance to prepare us for the Baroque period we will be learning about. It was amazing to see the pieces we talked about in real life! We saw Laocoon & His Sons, a beautiful, emotional Greek sculpture that was a huge source of inspiration for Michelangelo. We also so the Apollo Belvedere and the Torso Belvedere, also inspiring. I think the two coolest things we saw were the Raphael rooms, where his (Raphael’s) huge frescoes fill the walls (one of which being the famous School of Athens), and the Sistine Chapel (by Michelangelo). I never dreamed I would see these in real life!

Because we had limited time, we had to pass by many of the brilliant works housed in the Vatican Museums. It felt so strange to walk past these famous paintings and sculptures that I had learned about in the past!

Class is great. I think it will be a breeze, mostly because it is interesting. Our lecture took a few hours but didn’t feel like it at all. Probably because of the anticipation of seeing them after we took notes on them. Definitely a great experience. If only all art history classes can be taught this way!



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