Britta: Wine tasting

May 27, 2010

Today we had a crash course on how to experience wine and try different cheeses. It was a lovely afternoon outside with friends, laughter, and wonderful flavors. I will try my best to account for the events of the afternoon, however some people dedicate whole blogs to solely wine, so this just the surface of the surface.

For those that don’t know anything about wine:

  • 5,000 varieties of grapes in the world
  • 500 varieties used for making wine
  • La Vendange (grape harvest) is from late August to late October
  • 5 Wine families: Red, Rosé, White, Moussu, Liquereux

Tasting is all about:

  • La Vue ( how it looks)—the “robe” (dress) of the wine, i.e. color and legs. (The faster the legs move the lower the alcohol content, the slower the higher)
  • L’Odeur (smell) the boquet
  • Le Goût (taste) aromas, feel (fruity, woody, sweet, acidic)

White wines: Start green

  • 1 Month transparent
  • 1 year pale
  • 2 years pale yellow
  • eventually become a slight brown

Red Wines: Start purple

  • 1 ½ years turn black
  • 3 years black orange

We sampled 4 wines from 3 different regions of France a white, rosé, red, and champagne/port (making sure to hold the glass on the bottom to prevent heating up the wine).

White: Jean Marie Strubbler Riesling 2008 12.5%, from Alsace

  • “green wine”
  • apple, pear, sweet
  • goes well with fish & salad

Rosé: Gallician, Costières de Nîme Cuvée Tradition 2009 12.5%, from Nîmes, Languedoc

  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry

* Rosés are a young wine, have been around for 20 years, and are considered to be for women

Red: Bordeaux, Grand Vin de Bordeau, Les Maitres Goustiers 2009 13%, from Bordeaux, Aquitaine

  • Black fruits
  • Cherry

*Bordeaux was the first region to mix different varieties of grapes together

Champagne: Muscador, Cèpage

  • Peach

Tips on Buying Wine:

  • Whites and Rosés don’t preserve very long, so always buy a young wine from the last 1 to 2 years
  • Good wines come from specialty shops
  • If the neck is sticky, the cork is permeable and therefore the wine is no longer good.

Next comes the cheese…


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