Eric: An ordinary day…?

May 28, 2010

Well, since it is in a city I don’t normally live in, I guess it’s not that ordinary. We had class at 9 am, and a guest lecturer came in to talk about Italian meals. At noon, I went to Mercato Centrale to buy stuff to eat, and I finally got the famous panino trippa alla Florentino (Florentine tripe sandwich)! For those of you who don’t eat insides of animals, this might not be the best post to read.

Tripe, or cow stomach, may sound gross, but I had it before in Taiwan, and it tasted pretty good. Here in Florence, it was cooked in some kind of red sauce, and I have to say that it didn’t really taste as flavorful as I though it would. The sandwich was kind of like bread with tomato sauce, and the tripe just provided a little chewy texture.

From a shop around the market, I also got a bag of cantucci, which are almond biscotti, and amazingly delicious. They are not hard to the point that you’ll break your teeth eating it, but enough that you can chew on it for a while. They are also kind of expensive too, as many people do buy them to give to other people as gifts.

After lunch, I took a nap, like most people living on the Mediterranean coast, and woke up to do nothing for a couple hours. I cooked dinner (cheese scrambled egg with zucchini, and chicken hearts), and went out for gelato. I got panna montata (some kind of cream) and coffee flavor today. Starting today to Sunday, it is the second annual Firenze Gelato Festival, so it only make sense that I follow that spirit of the festival.

I guess at this point I had reached the depressed phase people feel when they study abroad. According to the “experts,” people who study abroad often experience this after the initial phase of high excitement. Well, really, I don’t feel sad or anything, just a little bit homesick and missing people in the Twin Cities. I think I’ll get over it pretty quickly, since I felt the same thing when I was by myself for a month in St. Paul last summer. A day like today is exactly what I needed after seeing so much in the past week. So feeling this and that, I went to Piazza Michelangelo, where the fake David statute is. It was the perfect opportunity to take pictures, since there wasn’t that many tourists, and I had all the time I need to take as many pictures as I want at the piazza. I also took pictures of every single statues outside of the Uffizi, many many famous people.

As the day got darker, I walked slowly back towards my apartment. There is a bookstore across the street from my apartment, and delightfully, I found out that it doesn’t close until midnight (which is pretty rare considering other stores usually close around 8 or 9 pm). I went in and took pictures of all seven books of Harry Potter in Italian, and found out that Severus Snape is called Severus Piton in Italian. This definitely lightened up my mood. Tomorrow I am going to Pisa to see the famous Leaning Tower.


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