Eric: Ciao Firenze!

June 11, 2010

So today is officially the last day of the program and my last day in Florence. I will be leaving my apartment at 2:45 am (definitely not planning on sleeping tonight) to take a taxi to the group meeting place, where we will take a bus down to Roma Fiumicino Airport. I will be taking a train into the city of Roma while rest of the group will be flying back to Minnesota. I am having a little mixed feelings right now. On one hand I am really excited to go to Roma and later on Morocco, on the other hand, I kind of want to see people back home in Minnesota and Taiwan.

This morning we had our final discussion in the ACCENT center, and I really have to say this is one of the best classes I have ever taken. We were scheduled to have a farewell lunch at 1 pm at apparently Rachel Ray’s favorite restaurant in the world: Il Latini. It’s this restaurant hidden in an alley that not many tourists go into.

The restaurant itself had prosciutto ham hanging at the ceiling, while shelves on the wall was lined with bottles of its house wine. After everyone was seated, plates and plates of food just came for each table to share family-style. We had antipasti (appetizers) that included prosciutto with melon (salty balanced with sweet goodness), fennel and tomato salad, and caprese salad (tomato with mozzarella cheese). We also got two kinds of bread soup, one with tomato the other with spinach. The primi (first courses) consisted of ravioli in tomato sauce, penne alla ragù (penne in minced meat sauce), and a kind of soup with vegetables and a kind of beans in it (not pictured). For the sake of people viewing this blog without any food at near sight, I am not putting up pictures of the tray of desserts, which had a variety of cakes on it. We didn’t get secondo (second courses) as the full menu would include, but we were all very full so no one really cared.

After a little bit of packing, I went out to visit the reopened Galileo Museum. It was known as the Museum of Science History, but after the renovation inside, it was reopened today. There were hardly any tourists visiting the place though, which is understandable as the museum is located next to the Uffizi. The museum not only showed some of the greatest discoveries of Galileo, but also many scientific instruments used throughout history for discovery in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, mechanics, electricity, and more. Some of them came from collection of the Medici family. My highlight of the museum was Galileo’s fingers. three of them were preserved with one of his teeth. A little gross but at the same time fascinating.

Walking back to the apartment, it was time to clean out all the stuff that belonged to me. Finding multiple items in the fridge and not really feeling like having that much dinner after the big lunch, I made a salad using yellow bell pepper, tomatoes, and water-boiled asparagus. A little salt, black pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and stick the bowl into the fridge. It was like eating a colorful healthy dessert.


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