Britta: Cuisine & Canals

June 12, 2010
Wednesday we took a trip to the 300 year old port, Sète, in Southern France. It is the largest port on the French Mediterranean coast selling 8,000 tons of fish every year.

Fishing boats leave at 3 am and return at 4 pm to auction off their catch. Turing the Cannes Film Festival, the price of fish skyrockets because restaurant owners travel to Sète to buy the freshest, best fish for all the celebrities.

Tuna boats leave in April and return in October where they fish as far as the coasts of Spain and Africa.

After having a boat tour through the port and around the canals, we ate lunch at small restaurant with excellent seafood. We had oysters and paella with shrimp, scampi, crab, octopus, and mussels.


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