Britta: Bastille Day

July 16, 2010
14 July 1789- France’s Independence day

This day is known as Bastille day because it is when the Bastille, which held political prisons, was raided during the French Revolution. The storming of the prison was a symbol of liberty and the fight against oppression for all French citizens. By capturing this symbol, the people signaled that the king’s power was no longer absolute: power should be passed on to the Nation and be limited by a separation of powers. Today many French are not proud to be French, so celebrating July 14th is not quite comparable to the 4th of July in the US.

However the French Revolution of course was an important change in France’s history and we all remember Marie Antoinette’s famous words “Let ’em eat cake.” In Montpellier they held a picnic, fireworks, and a fireman’s ball the night of July 14th. The fireworks lasted 30 minutes and were amazing!


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