Jim: Where the dinosaurs are

July 20, 2010
Nothing new to post really, just looking over some of the pics from the past month or two & after considering the landscape, I wondered: ¿Why I haven’t seen any dinosaurs yet?

(click on any to see full-sized)

I’ve seen the movies, well, not all the movies, but enough to know that places that look like this are where the dinosaurs are.
Oddly enough, very little has been heard from the students who ‘allegedly’ returned to the US a couple weeks ago. Might be that something funny is going on…
I’m not saying that there has been anything unusual that was covered up or hidden from the press or anything like that (you’d need some pretty solid evidence to make a claim like that…). I’m just saying something seems funny & what little I do know all seems to point to the same thing:
(Seriously – If I’m not back by the middle of August, send a search party!)

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