Natalie: Alone in Oslo

August 5, 2010

After traveling with some friends before the program, I was finally on my own in Oslo. My confidence is gone. After they got on the plane I cried. I’ve never been so scared. I feel completely alone here.

The next day, I made my way to Kringjsa student village. I waited in line for 2 hours to get my keys. On my way to my room I met a man named Walter from Cameroon. He was kind enough to help me carry my luggage, on his head, to the 4th floor. The room was disgusting! There was no plumbing and it smelled so bad I had to plug my nose. Unhappy at this point, I marched back to the reception office and they gave me a new room. Much better. The room is smaller than my room at home and will be shared with another person. We have a bookshelf, desk, and 2 small drawers. There is no closet. The kitchen and the bathroom are in the hall. It’s not bad, but extremely creepy with no one else in the entire building. I turned on all the lights and it’s gonna stay that way. After getting settled I headed to the grocery store and got some hot dogs, bread, and spaghetti. Later I caught a free shuttle to IKEA from downtown Oslo. I got 3 pots, a fry pan, a cup, a plate, a bowl, silver ware, cooking utensils, a pillow, and tupperware for $50. Unfortunately, when I returned here I realized 1/2 of it was missing… Great! So another trip there is in the making.










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