Natalie: Beach Day

August 8, 2010

HUK beach that is!
As soon as the sun streaked into my window this morning I knew where I was headed. Quickly I grabbed my things, made a quick breakfast and headed out the door. I caught the T-bana, then the bus. The travel took me around 45 minutes.

Today was a perfect beach day, it was in the mid-70’s. Huk beach is the most famous beach in Oslo and this became more and more obvious as the day went on. The beach was filled with people! There was a nude section and a clothing required section. Of course being who I am I chose the nude section. Haha, just kidding. I’ve learned that only old saggy men and weirdo’s venture there.
The beach overlooked the harbor and the Oslo Fjord. Plenty of cruise ships, sailboats, and even a party boat bound for Germany passed. Once again someone struck up a conversation with me. So I spent the afternoon in the sun with a native Norwegian who had just found his first job as a high school chemistry teacher. An interesting day I must say. He stressed the need for me to see the Northern Lights in Norway before I leave. HOW AMAZING WOULD THAT BE! On the way home I stopped at the grocery store and grabbed some things for supper. It is difficult making decent meals for 1 person. Tonight I decided to make Hobo dinners. I was so thankful for once to have something other than bread and jam.


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