Lindsay: Te Papa museum & farmer’s market

August 16, 2010

This past Sunday I went out with my friend, Jamie, to the Te Papa museum and to the farmer’s market.

Te Papa is the nation museum of New Zealand. It’s full of everything: marine life, art, Maori culture and history, migrant history, etc. We only explored a portion because as we went further and further we realized how huge it was. I couldn’t take pictures in a lot of the exhibits, unfortunately.

We saw the native animals part of the museum, where they have a huge sperm whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling. I tried to take some pictures but it was too dark and they didn’t turn out very well. We also saw a large portion of the Maori section and some of the Pacific Islanders section. We walked around the art exhibit and the current exhibit: Paper Skin, the art of tapa cloth making. For those who don’t know, tapa cloth is a type of cloth made in the Pacific from the bark of a tree (can’t remember what kind) and is beaten to a pulp and smoothed out. It can take a very very long time to make a suitably sized piece of tapa cloth. Thank you, cultural anthropology class.

After we were done in the museum we walked to the other side of the building where they have the Sunday farmer’s market. The farmer’s market is pretty much my favorite thing to go to in Wellington. They have seemingly endless stalls of fresh fruits and vegetables, all for incredibly cheap. I got 8 mandarins, 6 tomatoes and 4 apples for a grand total of $5 NZD. How amazing is that?! Besides fruit and veges, they have other artisan food stands. For example they have fresh sausages and lamb and other meats, homemade peanut butter, jams and preserves, all kinds of honey (New Zealand honey is great!), fudge (I bought a stick of creme brulee fudge. SO tasty), it goes on and on. They also have food stands selling food ready to eat. They have all sorts. Indian food, German food, Chinese, even a Mexican food stand! There’s a stand that sells different kinds of stuffed churros (like chocolate or caramel) and coffee. Jamie and I got some roti lamb wraps from the cheapest Indian stand. A bit spicy but very good. We’ve decided we are going to go to the farmer’s market much more often. Also since Jamie lives in a flat, she’s invited me to come over a cook whenever I want to use her kitchen! So maybe next time we go to the farmer’s market I’ll just get ingredients and cook dinner for her and her flat mates.

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