Haley: I leave for Kenya

August 30, 2010

O’Hare is full of people I assume can’t speak English; scratch that, they DON’T. So I averted to speaking the universal sign language of Pointing. After 2 hours of waiting, we board the biggest plane I’ve ever been on. (Of course the whole time my Ma wants to be on the phone with me… If she had it her way she’d tell me to wait til the flight attendant is forced to get physical; so naturally I hang up asap.) SO I’m sitting on this plane with nothing but time. I start thinking. And I found that I wasn’t nervous about going to a different country. NO, I was worried about travelers Diarrhea. (yes yes “ewwww”) but I realized how badly I DID NOT want that… Of ALL the things to think about, THIS is what goes through my mind. Theo mou.

While the captain is speaking it takes me a good 30 seconds to realize it wasn’t in English… (DUMB HALEY). 3 movies and 8 hours later we arrive in Amsterdam. Within 5 minutes of arrival I run into 2 kids on my program… So naturally we go and grab a beer and *Free Chocolate.* (Don’t question…) I got a kick out of this breakfast sign outside of McDonalds. It was four pictures of McD breakfasts from 4 different places… London, Paris, Tokyo, America. London had a sandwhich with yogurt, Paris had fruit with theirs (all healthy things) and then the pictue of America was just TWO egg McMuffins; hahaha… We got caught up in so many different things that we lost track of time and had to run alllllllll the way to our gate to make it just in time. (One of the kids we were with got stuck behind a clan of grannies on the moving walk way, so he had to jump the rail and sprint the rest of the way; really funny actually)
I board the plane with 8 more hours to go…

Stepping off the plane I was greeted with a smell that was made up of musk, dirt, heat, and country… I’m nowhere from home… I’m tired… What time is it… where the heck do I go… WHY IS MY LUGGAGE TAKING SO DAMN LONG… oh, nevermind my luggage is upside down… there are a lot of girls on the program… Follow a woman holding a sign for MSID students (msid is my program)… I’m on a bus…. We arrive at a hostel for the night and will leave for our orientation in the morning. WHATEVER just give me a bed!!!!!!!


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