Brittany: Made it to Ecuador

September 1, 2010

I am exhausted from speaking and listening to Spanish all day, but here is what I’ve been up to for the past 24 hours:

Yesterday morning I left Kansas City around 9 am and flew to Atlanta where I met up with the majority of the other MSID students. That was really nice—and I quickly realized that my worries about having too much stuff were unfounded. Our plane left for Quito about 5 pm. Five hours later, we went through customs, grabbed our bags (my backpack cover worked well), and met some MSID representatives right beyond baggage claim.

We boarded a bus and were driven to a hotel for the night. It was a little strange, though, because the two people who picked us up never actually said anything to us. The only explanation we did get was from the person at the hotel front desk who just handed us a schedule from MSID. So that was a little weird, but not a big deal.

This morning we were picked up again by bus and driven to Cimas, our school. We had a full day of orientation-type activities, including a visit from a Foreign Service officer from the US Embassy who talked about safety (and momentarily made us all afraid to even step one foot outside).  The school is beautiful! And the staff seems super nice and kind.

Around 4 pm our host families came to pick us up. My family seems really nice. There are two super cute kids: Oscar, age 9, and Daniel who is 2 (likely going on 3). The mom was busy with the kids for the afternoon and evening, so I hung out with the dad, Santiago, and the grandma, María. I promise to write more about them soon.

Listening and speaking in Spanish all day was totally exhausting. I went back and forth between feeling like I understand to being totally confused.

Not sure what my impressions of Quito are so far. It was 11 pm when we got in last night and so the city was pretty dead as we drove to the hotel. I think I did see some prostitutes though…. Today the city felt totally different—alive and moving—but I spent the entire day at school and at my host family’s house so I haven’t seen much of the city yet.

Very drained from all the Spanish but I’m excited to be here!

–Brittany Libra


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