Sam: Action! Adventure! Public transportation!

September 2, 2010

Yesterday evening I had the “pleasure” of riding the city buses. Let me clarify: we only rode from the stop nearest the house to the social center of the city. We did not eat, we did not shop, we did not stop. The round trip took two hours. This required riding a small bus to the station, waiting for a large bus, boarding that, and stopping every 30 seconds. By the return trip it was rush hour. Luckily I carry no cash, because people were everywhere.

Tomorrow is the first excursion and, thankfully, the end of orientation week. It’s not that I’m not enjoying the city or meeting new people, but orientation of any kind is marked by hours of speeches and pounds of handouts (for this reason I have no photos to share yet). We leave for San Miguel de los Bancos, a riverside ecological preserve, at 6am and return Saturday at 5:30pm to enjoy a day of team building and nature exploration.

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