Chris: Happy Birthday Brasil!

September 8, 2010

Yesterday was the independence day for Brasil. And yes I could go on and on about the historical significance of Brasil separating from Portugal and becoming a future economic powerhouse, but I don’t know much about that stuff, and if you all are interested, there is Wikipedia. Instead I am going to talk about a party I went to, and more about the orphanage I work at.

So onto a funny anecdote from the previous week. How do you truly know that you’re in Brasil? When they throw parties with alcohol and other stuff in the biology building of the most prestigious university in the area. Let me say that again: in order to raise money, they threw a party with a band, in the biology building. How awesome is that?! You know the reputation of Americans is that we are overly rigid, and only care about work and careers, and don’t really enjoy life as much as some of the people in the South America do. That’s not to say that Brasil is without problems, I mean the same school, UFBA, that I attended the party at also doesn’t have sidewalks, and the students have to trek through mud to get to class. But at least after class they can go with their mud-covered shoes to a party in the Bio building. Life is just different: the beach, the food, everything. I saw an elderly woman drinking with her family on a bus. When is the last time you saw that at home?

Now I want to talk about my volunteer experience. It is an amazing way to spend a Sunday. The kids are so much fun and need so much attention that it hardly feels like work. I basically go to this orphanage called Orfanato Minha Vo Flor, play with some kids for two hours or so, then go home tired and happy. I really dont know why I didn’t do it as much in the states. But along with yoga, I hope it becomes a habit that I can obtain stateside.

Anyway, I think thats all for me today. Enjoy the pictures, leave comments and pray that the rain in Brasil stops!


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