Haley: Country analysis

September 10, 2010

Today I am really at peace with the world. Maybe it’s the beautiful sun so high in the sky, the fresh pineapple I had for lunch, The lack of Charlie brown syndrome and not wanting to cry while sitting in Swahili class, or maybe it’s because I didn’t get lost while walking to and from school. But really, it’s like I’m on vacation from life while still getting an education… too awesome.

I finally had another class other than Swahili: Country Analysis. I was a little apprehensive at first because when it comes to anything history related or political… ehhh for some reason I just get super sleepy. I had to actively remind myself to keep an optimistic view. Luckily for me, the teacher turned out to be my kind of teacher. His stories were witty and funny but always ending with an important point. He began to tell us how the men in Kenya are different than the men in America (i.e: don’t give them you phone number, because when you don’t answer for the 10th time in a row… it’s not that they don’t get the point, it’s that they REFUSE to get it). Also, if a guy asks you out for a drink (“just as friends”), that does not mean you have to say no. No, in fact just be really blunt. You look at them and say: “what kind of drink are you talking about here buddy? Like a Drink-Drink? Or do you mean Drink-Drink-Plus?!” Yes, this is what we learn in class sometimes: the proper way to call a guy out). He continued to tell us how men here (when flirting) are told no, they think it really means yes (the classrooms laughs).

The one story I enjoyed was how he so desired to be a singer. Unfortunately he couldn’t sing. So instead he took dance classes. He would embrace his partner and they would let the music lead them through. But instead of having a partner, he would often find himself embracing the air (the demonstration was stellar). But his point being that, you go with the music and let it lead you… much like your heart. (awww)

The best story of the day had to do with his grandmother. When his grandmother was young and single, the way the women used to get married was by wrestling(?). If a man decided he would wrestle you, and he was able to pin you, then he had the right to marry you. But if the woman was able to literally step on the guy (with motion of stepping on one) then she was free to do as she pleased. “My Grandmother died a happy woman,” the instructor said. “She stepped on 3 men before she got married” (A woman of my heart.) WHAT any of this had to do with Country Analysis, I have no clue… but it made for a fun day in class and left everyone with the giggles.


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