Thavy: 3 weeks in Buenos Aires

September 10, 2010

I’m going on my third week and it have been amazing. Buenos Aires is a city that runs on espresso and never sleeps. People are always on the move and not even cars are able to stop them here. They are dodging cars like crazy. They cross streets as if they were playing frogger. Running right in front of cars and buses. This was a large adjustment for me. I kept thinking that I might just one day get hit by a crazy taxi driver. People in this city also drive as if there was an emergency; as if someone was in need of help and that they need to be there to rescue them. As crazy as the driving is, I find it very thrilling.

My first week was exciting. I got off the plane and met the other people in the program. We were loaded on to a bus and brought to where we were going to spend the next 3 and half months. Many of the people were staying with host families and a few of us chose to stay in the apartments. After arriving at the apartment, me and my roommates attempted to navigate the city. We tried to find the the school. We were given directions by one of the people working in the program, but managed to get a little lost. We eventually found it. The next day classes started. The classes were interesting, but I felt really confused in my Spanish 1 class. It was being taught in Spanish, and I just wish the book they provided had the definition of terms in English. I spent the rest of the week absorbing the city and exploring as much of it as I could.

The second week was very interesting. I had already gotten kind of used to the streets and finding my way around the city (with a map). This week kind of sucked because it rained a lot and the temperature was 50 or lower. It eventually got nicer by the end of the week.

On to my third week and so far I’m really enjoying Buenos Aires. One of my favorite part about Buenos Aires is the Subte. Every ride is different. My roommate saw a dog waiting for the Subte and as it was arriving, ran to make sure it was the first one on. That’s was really awesome. That’s one thing I want to see before I leave. A dog able to know when and where to get off of the Subte. My goal this whole trip is to find one of those dogs and follow it to see where exactly it’s are going.

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