Russell: I second that emotion

September 12, 2010

Let me tell you what I’m about to do.
I only write to you because I’ve called all my Mermoz buddies and they can’t come with me, so maybe you can be my consultant? See my only Senegalese friend is Olivier, my host cousin who lives down the road. He’s my age, which is cool because I don’t experience that at home. Anyway, the other day we were drinking some brewskies and talking about musical tastes and scene around here, and I told him to mention to me the next time he was going out. Turns out there’s a concert tonight! It’s Wednesday, a school night obviously, and I have a paper due Friday that I’ve only half finished. None of my American friends can go, so it’s just me, Olivier and his friends (some of whom I met the other day). We’re going to a club in the middle of Dakar. They stay up really late here. Bring it on.

Things I learned from last night:

  • People know how to move.
  • In America, people laugh at me because they suck. In Senegal, people laugh at me because I suck.
  • Dancing is almost a universal language, but it’s not quite there.
  • Racism exists everywhere, in everyone.

I am silly emotional. When I say that, I mean I’m emotionally silly, emotional to a degree of being silly, and silly when I’m emotional. Relevance: I’m emotional a lot here; c’est a cause d’etre en train de sejourner dans un atre pays… Most of the other toubabs I’m with are also emotional, because of their health or actual legitimate problems. The times I’ve cried have been…

  1. while reading the first chapter of a book on Senegal’s debt
  2. When we had a class discussion about 9/11 at school. Some of the things the program director said were beautiful and eloquent and I couldn’t take the juxtaposition between his perspective and that of this Florida reverend dude
  3. Just now, when my brother texted me that he completed his first college application

These are major for me. ug. anyway, I thought in my emotionality I’d recount the past few days and post a picture of a kitty for you. See, I was totally pushing this cat away from me while I was out for food and a beer on an outside patio the other day because it was begging incessantly. Then, I noticed she had swollen nipples, and therefore probably had kittens. We may care about the world’s birth rate and want it to decrease, but at the same time, it’s our job to watch out for infant mortality rates also. The cat enjoyed a good portion of my pizza.


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