Deanna: Week 1 Travel(bl)ouge

September 17, 2010


That’s right, folks—I’ve survived a whole week of Jaipur’s sticky, monsoon heat, fickle indoor plumbing, chaotic traffic violations and (gasp!) limited Internet accessibility.

As a fledgling world traveler, just being in Jaipur is exhausting—fending off beggars, paying with rupees, talking to locals, swatting flies, buying oatmeal, and, even—or should I say, especially—navigating the bathrooms here sap the energy right out of me. When 4 p.m. rolls around everyday, I fall hard into a post-veggie-curry coma.

But for every lukewarm bucket bath and near-death crosswalk “experience,” there’s been a henna-drawing mehandi party with my host sisters, a shopping trip to a local kurta tailor and a soothing cup of chai that somehow makes everything better.

So I know you’re all wondering what the heck I’ve been doing here since I arrived. For starters, I’m studying abroad through the University of Minnesota’s Minnesota Studies in International Development program, so if you want all the dirty details (curriculum, syllabi, application information, etc.), check out this out. And definite peruse the photojournaled highlights of my past week. I’ll add more pictures ASAP–swear!

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