Connie: Flight & arrival

September 25, 2010


After roughly a ridiculously long flight and a fair amount of sleep, I’m finally in Japan!

I had three layovers: Denver, Seattle, and Tokyo. Each one more stressful than the next. Naturally, in Narita Airport I got quite lost and I was quite jet lagged. I remember going up to some of the workers saying, “あの…私はどこに行くかわか… I dunno where to go…” because at that point my Japanese wasn’t functioning so well.

But in the end I made it. The flight between Tokyo and Hiroshima is gorgeous! I didn’t get to see many mountains during my flight across the U.S., but that was all you could see on this flight! After getting off of the 10+ hour flight across the Pacific I was quite sick of flying, or so I thought until I looked out the window. I just ended up staring at the passing scenery!

Once finally landing in Hiroshima, I had to find a way to get some yen. That wasn’t too convenient seeing as it was roughly 7 p.m. and banks were closed. I had to walk up to the airport hotel (with two troublesome bags) and then back again to get a cab. Then I had to take a cab a lot farther than expected and pay an arm and a leg… Seriously, that bill was ugly.

Not that the cab ride was all bad. It was about the time the driver got into the opposite side of the car to drive that I thought, “Wow! I’m in Japan!” And thought it was a long drive, I got to look at the mountains, the billboards in Japanese, then the city and all the places with dual languages on their neon signs. Despite being very groggy and barely able to move I was in awe at everything. I’m really in Japan! So this is what the other side of the world is like!

There’s not much exciting to say about the hotel. All I did was check-in, shower, sleep. It’s a pretty fancy place, and apparently a Japanese king-sized room is about the size of an American single room. Oh, and there is beer in the vending machines. Haha, Japan.

I plan to go out and explore soon. That and go on an epic quest to find breakfast. I haven’t eaten anything substantial since somewhere on the Pacific ocean.


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