Claudia: dichotomy

October 3, 2010

I have lately been thinking of myself as two people. Scottish Claudia and American Claudia. Scottish Claudia is INFINITELY cooler.

In America, I fall prey to the temptation of wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts to class all the time, and if not that, jeans and a T shirt or hoodie. Here, I don’t even have a hoodie, and I have maybe two t-shirts. I also don’t own any sneakers. I shouldn’t be defining myself by possessions here, but I feel like it actually makes a huge difference in my life. I think I am changing for the better: I feel more ambitious, motivated, and confident. I talk to people I don’t know, I go to parties, I jump at the opportunity to participate in a dance that I have no idea how to perform (well… I did at the ceilidh, even if I wouldn’t try out swing dancing in a style I didn’t know). I guess that there is comfort in the fact that a lot of other people at the university ceilidhs also have no idea what they are doing.

Also, my flatmate Katherine and I cook a lot. I feel like we’ve made more different and exciting things in the last week than I made in my apartment last year. In less coolness, but more better personness, I already started doing work for classes just a few days into the semester. I’m working on learning how to be a better student and really making the most of my academic opportunities. Because I only have three classes, it’s a little harder to get overwhelmed by different material.

Okay, 3 am has arrived. It’s probably time to go to sleep so I can hit up the library at a reasonable hour. I’ll post about my classes soon. So far, they are, for the most part, excellent!! OH, one more thing. I have a recently formed an addiction to WNYC Radiolab. It is really amazing, and I highly recommend listening to the podcasts off of iTunes (particularly the episodes on Words and Falling)!


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