Chris: Brazilian friends, the slightly EMO version

October 5, 2010

So this week I am going to do things a little differently, with regards to what I write about. Usually I make a list of the things that I have done since my last post, and then write about the most poignant events. This week, I think I’m just going to write about what is on my mind, and see what comes out.

I know that I have been writing a lot about what I will be doing in the future, instead of what I have done. There are several reasons for this, one is that I have a super eventful couple of months ahead of me; the other is that I have had super tranquillo months up to this point. That’s not to say that I have been bored. Between the beach, the orphanage, and teaching English, I have had some fun and character-building experiences. It’s just not eventful in the sense that I have been only in Salvador. I was expecting to do a lot more traveling early on, but instead my travels have been pushed back. This has me worried.

You see, on the mountain of things that I wanted to accomplish while in Brazil, the most important one was make Brazilian friends. I know that this seems like it would be easy. But it has proven to be more difficult that I had initially thought. The funny thing is that this also happened while I was in Venezuela. I mean I ended up just hanging with the gringos. I know that this is a problem faced by many study abroaders. Don’t get me wrong. I have made some amazing friends in the process, but I was really hoping that I would meet some Brazilians that I could become lifelong friends with. It has been hard to do in class, and right when I started to get in with a group of Brazilians, I had to drop the class, through no fault of my own.

Instead I am going to have to become friends with the “ficantes” of my girl friends from the program. The worst part is I knew that this would happen. I will do what I can, but I am starting to freak out, since my stay here is coming into the home stretch. The traveling won’t help either, but it will be amazing.

My upcoming trip to Rio promises to be amazing. I will be going for something like 10 days with a 3 day trip to Iguassu Falls. Rio, from all that I have heard, is one of the most amazing cities on the planet. And to be honest, I am getting a little stir crazy in Salvador. That is through no fault of Salvador itself, but I am ready to mix things up a bit. Plus I figure, how many times will I get to be there in Brazil, and bum around for a few months. Well, knowing me, maybe quite a bit, but still, once I graduate, it won’t be the same. So I really need to make the most of it. Needless to say, my next post, from post Rio and Iguassu, should be amazing, and full of photos.

Once again, I want to apologize for the lack of photos this week. It turns out that CAASA, the aids shelter I work at, does not allow photos to be taken of the kids. This does make sense, but they are so fun and cute.

Anyway, see you post Rio!


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