Brittany: Lately

October 16, 2010

I’m getting close to the end of the first half of the semester. Classes end in two weeks and then we’re off to our internship sites. I decided I don’t want to do the internship that I wrote about before, but I do still want to be in the Amazon. My professor found me another internship with an indigenous, agriculture organization. I’m a little worried it will be too agricultural-y, but I should be able to do some things with environmental conservation, education, and agro-tourism.

We had a salsa lessons at school this week. One of the people who works at our school is a professional dancer on the side. We had another lesson with a different professor when we went to San Miguel de los Bancos back at the beginning of the semester, and a few weeks ago Sam, Francisco, and I had a lesson with his sisters and mom. I’m starting to get the hang of it. I’m not good, but it is really fun.

I cooked tostados with my family last week. It is meat, onions, and mote all fried on the stove. It is a common dish, but my family adds a twist by adding beer, sort of like how you’d do brats. It was pretty good and fun to cook with my parents.  It took most of the evening, but we just hung out.

My family also just got a new a puppy, Rufo. It’s 3 months old and black…not sure what type. It spends most of its time out in the yard, so I honestly don’t interact much with it.

–Brittany Libra


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