Brittany: the coast

October 18, 2010

Two weekends ago Sam, Francisco, and I went to Bahia de Caraquez and Canoa on the coast. We arrived in Bahia early Friday morning. We traveled across the river by boat to a different port town and then grabbed a cab—which was really a motorcycle towing a cart—twenty minutes to Canoa.

Canoa is tiny with few paved roads. The beach was great, although really wide. You had to walk a long ways out to reach the water even in high tide. It was rainy Friday morning but that stopped pretty quickly and then we had clouds the rest of the weekend. I was hoping for sun, but it was fun anyway.

We stayed in a little hostel on the beach and relaxed, and of course I swam in the Pacific Ocean for the first time! We also supposedly met the National Long Board Surf Champion of Ecuador…I have my doubts, but he did thow a great party in the street Friday night (and Saturday morning).

Saturday afternoon we headed back across the river to Bahia. The two places have completely different feels. Canoa is a party town and Bahia is where you’d go to retire. We stayed in a great hostel owned by this Australian woman (who may or may not have spoken Spanish, which is totally strange) and hung out all day.

We also stumbled across the strangest parade I have ever seen. It was kids, teenagers, and some adults from various institutions/organizations/groups in town with a Halloween twist (or something). There were people dressed as mimes, actual nurses from the clinic in really short nurse outfits and super high white heels, there were other girls in really fancy old-timey dresses, and more. We could not figure out what the heck was going on

We got up early Sunday morning and headed back to Quito, which took most of the day.  I loved visiting the ocean and want to go back before I leave—maybe that time it will be sunny!

–Brittany Libra


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