Natalie: Time is flying

October 18, 2010

I can not believe how fast time is going. I looked at my calendar today and realized, holy smokes, only 2 months left! Yesterday I even talked with Malin about Christmas plans. Bizarre. One night this week, Mirjam, my room mate was trying to make popcorn. Ha. She tried doing it with butter…thus burning the seeds. I really am surprised the fire alarm didn’t go off. She rushed into our room, pleading for my help. So… I ended up teaching her and the Singaporians how to make stove top popcorn.

Wednesday evening it was my friend Laurens 21st birthday. We went over to her place for dinner and made pasta with veggies, our go to for cheap delicious food. I was in charge of dessert so I made cupcakes with the mix auntie sent me. They loved me for that.

After dinner we went to a concert downtown, “Of Montreal”. It was fabulous! They are one of my favorite bands back in the states. It was particularly fitting to see them in Oslo becasue many of their songs are about Norway/Europe in general. Unfortunately, my camera was confiscated for being “too professional” so there are no pictures from the concert. But it was a GREAT night! I also managed to get a Norwegian to sing happy birthday in Norwegian to Lauren…complete with the dance.

Thursday Jamie and I had dinner with Frank and another Singaporian. They made us soup with pork, garlic, and spices, fried chicken, and of course rice. We treated them with a scandinavian almond cake, Frank also presented us with presents he bought us in Amsterdam: Jamie a bar of chocolate and for me, oven mits with the windmills and wooden clogs on them. Cool eh?

After Wednesday night I caught something. Thursday I felt sick…really sick, but it wasn’t until Friday it really hit me. Friday I slept ALL day. I woke up and walked around the lake once, but fell asleep right after. Being sick abroad is no fun. I wouldn’t even know what medicine to go buy if I really had to. Luckily, after all that sleep, I’m feeling better. Frank made me fish porridge as soon as he found out I was sick. Thanks…

Saturday feeling better I toured the National Theatre:

It was beautiful. We saw where the king sits for showings and heard a lot about it’s history.

Oh! and this week I went to pour my milk, I rarely buy milk because it’s expensive, it was curdled. Not expired yet! A week from the date. So I took it back to the grocery store and they gave me a new one! I was so happy. Tusen Takk Kiwi manager.
And another story regarding food: I’ve been searching all over for baking soda and couldn’t find it. Then brilliant me thought that maybe it would be called something else…yup! “natron.”

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