Ellen: No chronology

October 19, 2010

Let me tell you about my weekend.

On Thursday evening I got on a sleeper bus and didn’t get off for 12 hours. I was in a bunk above the seats sleeping, talking and watching the Rajasthan desert whoosh past out the window.

10 of us arrived in Jaiselmer (real close to Pakistan) and had a rooftop breakfast (typical India, rooftop adventure #784) We explored the Jaiselmer fort in the morning and then went to catch the bus to the village of Khuri where our camel safari would commence.

Our group had split up to explore, so some got on the bus at the bus station, while my small group was at another stop farther down the road. We kept in contact to make sure we would get on the bus together. Every phone call from those already on the bus was a warning about how the bus was filling fast and we might not be able to get a seat. Well, when there is no room in the bus, you only have 1 choice. Get on the roof of the bus. So yes, I traveled for 2 hours sitting on top of a bus with 30 indians going to the tiny village of Khuri. Absolutely amazing. And the camel safari had not even begun.

From the top of the bus to the top of a camel and into the desert. The view from the top of the camel was spectacular yet incredibly bumpy. especially when we galloped as fast as we could to see the sunset. We ate around a campfire with our 8 Warmari guides and played hide and seek in the dunes before falling asleep under the stars.

Sunrise, tea and back on the camels to return to the village.

We had a hotel back in Jaiselmer and this time we rode inside the bus.

And the diversity of modes of transportation did not end there! On Sunday afternoon we rented scooters and zoomed-zoomed our way to a lake, another village and The Secret Garden, India style.

So, I am physically exhausted but mentally satisfied and emotionally overwhelmed because tonight I pack up my room to move into a new host family to start my internship on Wednesday.


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