Natalie: A perfect day

October 24, 2010

This morning a bunch of us went to a flea market here in town. The usually slow moving Norwegians were not slow today! They were pushing and shoving all to get to huge heaps of clothes, books, and electronics. It was crazy. I managed to find some good deals though. I bought a scarf and a Paris travel guide.

After I walked down town and booked my ticket to Kristiansand for Christmas. I bought a bus ticket because it’s much cheaper than taking a train. There were mid-season sales every where today. So many people were out and about. Great, great, great! There also seemed to be a lot of tourists in town. It’s odd to be a tourist, but not a tourist.

At 2 I met up with Mirjam, and Jamie, and some others and we had a guided tour of the Norwegian Parliament. We were given a brief overview of Norwegian history, art history, and of the Norwegian government system. The insides of the building are gorgeous! The insides are inspired by stave churches from around Norway.

This building is directly behind the Parliament. The top is gorgeous. I had walked by it a million times, but it always helps to look up:

After that Mirjam and I walked around town. The Christmas decorations have come out so we enjoyed browsing through the ornaments, wrapping papers, and bake ware. We stopped for a quick snack at United Bakeries. This is my absolute favorite place to eat and study in Oslo. They have homemade Strawberry jam that is so red it stains your lips. Their chocolate bolle are also not that bad. It’s the type of place that draws hearts in your latte. Afterwards we strolled along Aker Brygge which is a board walk along the fjord.

The day ended with some reading before heading out for a moon-lit walk around the lake.

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