Thavy: Spring break

October 24, 2010

So I went on Spring Break about two weeks ago and it was amazing for the first half of it. I traveled to Salta and Mendoza. I traveled with two friend and our first stop was Salta. Upon arrival I was amazed by how beautiful the landscape was. I sat on the bus in awe and keep looking at the mountains as if they were going to disappear if I turned away. We stayed in a nice hostel in Salta and met a lot of people who were backpacking around South America. Speaking to these travelers made me realize how much I would love to do that. I would be able to experience the different cultures, see sights and improve my language skills.

Salta: The city is interesting and much smaller than Buenos Aires. It also has more natives that live in the city or the surrounding cities. Many of the locals earn money by sewing clothes and selling their hand made products. Are they making much money selling these products? Does most of their daily lives consist of selling these products in order for them to support their families? These questions and many more ran through my head as I saw markets with many locals selling their items. It’s interesting to see the contrast from people living in Buenos Aires and in smaller cities.

In Salta we went on a tour that brought us to the Salt Flats and other cities in the surrounding areas. This tour was amazing. Our guide brought us through the Andes and brought us to high altitudes of about 13,500 feet. When we arrived at the Salt Flats, all I was able to see was a white ground that was filled with crazy patterns on the ground. It was truly an amazing place. The salt gave the illusion of a distant lake and it was the first time I had seen a mirage.

The Next stop was Mendoza. I would have to say I was kind of disappointed with Mendoza after hearing many great things about the place. There was not much to do in the city except for a large park. I went on the wine and bike tour and found that we were biking on streets with cars flying passed us. It was quite dangerous, but overall the time spent in  Mendoza, the most fun I had was spent on the wine and bike tour.

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