Thavy: Death of a Stranger

November 12, 2010

On October 27, former president of Argentina Nestor Kirchner died. That day was also census day, a day where everything is shut down so people are able to take the census. That day the country was filled with sadness and pride. The very next day, I was told not to go to the area where Nestor’s body was because it was suppose to be dangerous, but I went anyways. Upon arrival I saw hundreds of people sprawled out in Plaza de Mayo, in front of Casa Rosada. There was a wave of sadness but yet people were chanting and cheering with so much pride. It took awhile for me to process what was going on, but it was an amazing feeling. Everywhere I looked there were people crying, cheering, and many were holding signs that displayed who they were and the place they were from. Many were holding the Argentine flag and others with banners with Nestor’s name on it.

Argentinians are very passionate in what they love. If they feel like they are not being treated right, they would gather together and strike. This happens on a daily basis. I truly admire this part of their culture.  This was the feeling that was rapidly spreading through the crowds. The expression on each of their faces showed their passion for the country. This would have to be one of my most memorable moments in Argentina.

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