Elyse: it’s still November & I went to Madrid

November 17, 2010

But first I went to the zoo in Montpellier! Because it’s free! Hooray!

But then I went to Madrid. Highlights include nom-tastic tapas, even more nom-tastic chocolate y churros, the Prado and its current Renoir exhibit, 2-euro scarves at the rastro, and the absolutely wonderful apartment where we stayed thanks to AirBnB (the only way I will ever travel from now on, if I can help it). But mostly it was great to see Cate and Sara and catch up with them and be ridiculous.

Madrid! aka, tour guide love in España.

In other news, I registered for classes, which was yet another abrupt reminder that my time here is coming to an end all too soon. BUT I am actually feeling pretty ok about my schedule. I’m not able to take the one engineering class that I was pretty stoked about, because it’s actually not offered this quarter (bummer), but that means I have room in my schedule to take a French class. Even though it’s ‘Topics in 17th Century Literature,’ which to me sounds less than thrilling, I’m stoked that I’ll have an opportunity to keep speaking French when I return to the states, rather than going from here to zero. And plus, I don’t have class before 11—excellent. And I’m excited to be back in orchestra, too. So we’ll see.

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